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AVoptics Managing Director Mr Andy Voizey and Dr Geoff Proudley visited Defence Electronics & Component Agency (DECA) to meet with DECA Chief Executive Geraint Spearing and present three technicians with their certificates after successfully passing the SAE Fiber Optic Fabricator training program SAE5602.

This presentation celebrates a first for AVoptics, with these technicians being the first trainees to undergo the training since AVoptics became fully accredited by the ETA to provide training to the SAE and ARINC fibre optic standards.

Dr Geoff Proudley who heads the training programme said “It is with great pleasure that we can award the first certificates on the SAE Fabricator Course. The course is demanding but necessarily so, giving students a broad range of knowledge of aerospace fibre optics components and practices. The students all worked really hard and by all accounts found it interesting and rewarding. We look forward to training more students in the future.”

The week long course includes both theory and practical training and an exam is available to ensure certification to the ETA requirements.

AVoptics are proud to be the first European company to offer both SAE and ARINC accredited fibre training, the only recognised formal training for fibre optics on aerospace. To find out more please visit our training page 

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