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Defence Market

Field Deployable Systems & Boarder Control

Fibre optics for use in deployable systems has been used for over 20 years. With benefits of weight for soldier deployment of cable, many kilometres achievable with little loss and very high bandwidth, and very rugged fibre optic cable [M1 Abrams Tank Vs fibre optic cable], fibre is a natural choice in this environment.

Being able to deploy equipment, services and personnel rapidly is essential, but ensuring reliable and rugged connectivity and harnesses to link the equipment and services together can make or break the effectiveness of a rapid deployment.

An often overlooked area when specifying fibre optic communication systems is suitability of the connector/termini types for the application, durability and ease of maintenance/repair should something get damaged in the field.

AVoptics has vast knowledge and experience to advise and supply all types of military specified fibre optic connectors, cables and technologies, such as JN type for Eurofighter for use with 200/280um fibre sizes, MIL-PRF-29504 termini for MIL-DTL-38999 and MIL-C-28876, MIL-DTL-83526/20 /21 expanded beam hermaphroditic type connectors or high density MT based military connectors. Factor in our extensive knowledge of military tactical cables and our supply chain of connectors and cables from all major manufacturers, we aim to provide you with an unparalleled service and delivery.


Military Vehicles

With the attractive benefits fibre optics brings when used in military vehicles, fibre is being specified on more systems than ever before. Increases in bandwidth offer future upgrades and retro-fitting of equipment many years in to the service of the vehicle, extending the vehicles life and overall cost effectiveness. High bandwidth also brings the ability to move high definition video feeds around the vehicle and from the turret with use of fibre optic rotary joints (FORJ). EMI / RFI / EMP interference is a major issue within a military vehicle, with extensive design and testing being required to ensure systems are filtered adequately, often increasing costs significantly. Fibre optics are immune to these interferences giving a major benefit when designing systems and integrating retro-fit equipment. 

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