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Engineered Photonic and Fibre Solutions

Our LightWorks division offers a world class vertically integrated service of fundamental concept generation, research and development, systems engineering, and production capability specifically aimed at bringing new technology to market.

The teams uniquely broad and deep experience ensure we talk your language and are able to bring your concepts from concept, through clinical trials in prototype quantities and to production.

LightWorks consists of experts across the field of optics and photonics including spectrometry, fibre-optic connectivity, fluorescence measurements, statistical measurements of small sample volumes, tooling design and design for manufacture as well as many other disciplines.


Copper and Fibre Connectivity

With optical fibre being used in more and medical devices, it is essential to ensure connectors and cables specified are suitable for the application, users and the environment. AVoptics are able to provide both copper, fibre and hybrid solutions reducing connector count, and increasing ease of use in potentially stressful conditions.


Unique materials for unique environments

The unique demands of the medical field place similarly unique requirements on materials. Working with our partners means we can find the right materials to suit the processes and environment your product will face. Our heritage and quality standards in aviation and medical fields means our processes are fit to suit the regulatory requirements required for your solutions to be used in the real world.

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