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Naval & Sub-sea


Fibre has been used on naval ships for many years with connectors such as the MIL-DTL-28876 being defined for their corrosion resistance and environmental protection. With a more recent uptake in 2000 and implementation of high-density low-loss connectors for weapons firing systems, fibre is being designed-in on more systems for current upgrades and future requirements.

With high bandwidth networks as the back-bone of many systems, fibre offers a "future-proof" concept for upgrades, increasing the life of the vessel and reducing costs for those upgrades.

Applications for fibre use includes radar, sonar, network comms, high definition audio and video feeds in addition to ship-to-shore umbilicles, all of which we can manufacture in our UK facility.



In addition to the above applications, many of which can be found on sub-sea platforms, AVoptics has established itself as a solutions provider for sub-sea connectivity for submarines, ROVs, towed arrays and docked maintenance equipment.

Our LightWorks division also specialises in sub-sea laser communication systems and "power by light" enabling sub-sea communication while on the move with other external fixed or moving targets.

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