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Renewable Energy

Wind Turbines

With an ever increasing number of wind turbines in operation and the growing reliance for them to be in operation, ensuring the correct connectivity is in place a major consideration which is often neglected.

The environmental conditions wind turbines are subject to can be similar to that found in aerospace; with wide temperature variances, high vibration, humidity, contaminants (oils, dust, debris) and for offshore wind turbines, salt water and salt humidity.

With the many sensors found on wind turbines and the use of fibre optic rotary joints(FORJ) for gearboxes and motors, fibre optics have been designed in for many years for these applications. However, many installations use only standard commercial cables and connectors, which are not durable enough to survive the environments they're put in. 

High costs associated with sending engineers out to service failed components, particularly offshore locations is a serious consideration which can be eliminated by specifying the right connector/harness solution, either at design-in or for retro-fit requirements.

These ruggedised connectors are also maintainable and repairable on-site with limited skills, making long-term cost savings and minimising down-time.



With thousands of solar farms being installed throughout the UK, proper fibre optic connectivity between the cells and to the substations is essential to ensure efficiency of the panels and the power station itself. AVoptics are able to advise on suitability of connectors, cable, installation and also offer on-site service and maintenance.

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