AVoptics Ltd develops new optical technology for worker safety

AVoptics continues to lend its support during the pandemic crisis, to protect key personnel on the front line and to assist in a safe return to work for those striving to keep the economy in good shape.

We all know that businesses face the immediate challenge of returning their workers to safe working environments if the business is to survive. With assistance from the Welsh Government, AVoptics Ltd are developing two technologies that will aid this:

  • A Boundary Marker Device, which provides a visual aid on the floor to maintain a safe distance between people; and
  • A Sanitisation Box used for package deliveries to kill virus microbes on the surface of a received package.

The equipment, which we expect to be demonstrated to companies by Christmas, will allow businesses to re-open with greater reassurance of workplace safety during the COVID-19 crisis.

These developments continue a proud tradition within the company of responding quickly to help the country out of difficulties. Earlier this year, AVoptics was one of the first companies to manufacture and supply face shields to protect doctors in London, easing the high demand for vital PPE in hospitals.

AVoptics, which specialises in electro-optical technology, provides a holistic service, from initial consultancy, design, prototyping and manufacture, through to test and maintenance/support services, tailored to customers’ requirements.


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