The AVoptics inline splice provides a rugged splice for operating in harsh environments such as aerospace, marine and defence systems. The unique feature of the splice is to reinstate the full strength of the fibre optic cable that has been damaged. Available partly assembled onto prefabricated components the splice and also be used to reinstate cable length if required. Repairs can be performed using existing repair kit tooling with 90% of the process in common with normal termination processes limited additional training of an operator is required. The splice is based on recognised and approved aerospace industry standards and practices thus making it easy to qualify to new platforms and applications.

The splice is small, lightweight and consists of only 5 piece parts making it easy to use and assemble. When used in conjunction with AVliteRepair™ fibre optic kits a single operator can reinstate a link ready to use within 15 minutes. The low mass of the splice means that it can be loom mounted if required.

The splice can either be used as a permanent removing the need for additional repair work later in the product life cycle. Click here for “Fast Facts”

AVoptics AVliteSplice fast facts

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