Policies & Accreditations

Cyber Essentials Plus

AVoptics takes cybersecurity seriously, holding top-tier credentials to safeguard their digital assets and customer data. With Cyber Security Plus credentials, AVoptics is committed to implementing robust cybersecurity measures to protect against cyber threats and breaches. This certification underscores their dedication to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information within their organisation and when serving customers.

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AVoptics' JOSCAR membership and certification demonstrate their dedication to maintaining the highest standards in supply chain management for the aerospace and defence industries. As a JOSCAR member, AVoptics has undergone a thorough assessment process, ensuring that its products and services align with the stringent requirements of these sectors. This certification underscores AVoptics' commitment to quality and reliability and makes them a trusted partner for companies seeking aerospace and defence solutions.

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ADS Group

AVoptics' membership and certification with the ADS Group, a prominent aerospace and defence industry association, reflect their strong presence and commitment to these sectors. AVoptics gains access to valuable industry resources and networks by being part of ADS Group, fostering collaboration and innovation. Their ADS Group certification reaffirms their adherence to the highest standards and regulations, positioning AVoptics as a reliable and compliant supplier within the aerospace and defence communities.

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Policy Statement

AVoptics' company policy statement underscores their commitment to excellence, quality, and compliance in all aspects of their business. It outlines their dedication to meeting and exceeding industry standards and regulations, ensuring customer satisfaction. AVoptics' company policy is a guiding document that drives its organisational culture, emphasising integrity, innovation, and continuous improvement in delivering cutting-edge solutions in fibre optics and beyond.

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