AVoptics have a world class team of optical and photonic Scientists, Engineers and Technicians who can cost effectively support you in realising a product or part of a system design.

Being able to maintain and keep up to date these specialist skills can be difficult and expensive within organisations where photonics/optics is only one aspect of the solution. This is where AVoptics Ltd is well placed to help you. We can help you with initial concept design, modelling, prototype, through to production.

Lightworks Introduction


We can provide a consultant to work for you on a specific task within a project or a complete project. Our consultants are able to access the latest design modelling software including Zemax, LabVIEW and Solidworks.  This could be working at your premises or you could benefit of the well-equipped laboratory in Cwmbran, UK.

Concept and Prototyping

With a team of Scientists and Engineers working on your project and our well-equipped laboratory which include additive material printers, we can quickly get your ideas from concept to prototype.

Our skills cover most of the optical and photonic areas and include:

  • Free Space communication
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Underwater optical communications
  • Media Converters
  • Optical sensing
  • Laser characterisation and modelling
  • Lens design


Discover the transformative role of photonics and optical fibre in research and academia on our website. Photonics, the science of light, and optical fibre are revolutionizing scientific exploration. From ultrafast lasers for precise measurements to fibre-optic sensors for data collection, photonics enables groundbreaking research across disciplines. Optical fibre facilitates high-speed data transmission, empowering collaborative efforts and facilitating remote learning. Join us to explore the cutting-edge applications of photonics and optical fibre in research and academia, advancing knowledge and innovation.

AVoptics have an R&D team that includes PhD qualified scientists and engineers whose expertise can be fully relied on to assist with your research tasks.

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