AVoptics Ltd is proud to present its latest range of Fibre Optic Training packages. These will enable you and your team to work with confidence on harsh environment fibre optic systems. Informing knowledge and best practice, our training courses will ensure that your fibre optic systems keep working for as long as your platform remains in service. Fibre Optic systems are incredibly robust and are often stronger and better protected than their electrical equivalents. As with all technologies however, they require maintenance and they often have different requirements to their electrical counterparts. Our courses, accredited by both the SAE and ARINC, will give your team essential knowledge whether they are preparing for the introduction of fibre optics or are maintaining and supporting legacy fibre systems.

In an era where fibre optic technology is at the core of countless industries, having a well-trained workforce is imperative. AVoptics Ltd is a trailblazer, offering highly esteemed SAE and ARINC fibre optic training courses. These courses are available on AVoptics' premises, at the customer's site or online, ensuring accessibility and convenience for organisations across various sectors.

What truly sets AVoptics apart is its dedication to recognised training. Whether you're involved in aerospace, telecommunications, data centres, or any industry reliant on fibre optic technology, the necessity for qualified personnel cannot be overstated. Recognised training ensures that your team has the expertise to handle fibre optic systems precisely and confidently.

AVoptics proudly claims to be the first company in Europe to provide internationally recognised fibre optic training for any industry. This achievement underscores their commitment to promoting excellence and safety in fibre optics. By offering a diverse range of courses, such as ARINC 807 Fundamentals, Installer, and Fabricator, as well as SAE Installer and Fabricator programs, AVoptics caters to the unique training requirements of fabricators, operators, installers, inspectors, and Project Managers.

Moreover, AVoptics acknowledges that flexibility is key in ensuring organisations can access this vital training. Our ability to offer courses on their premises or at the customer's site exemplifies their commitment to accommodating each client’s needs. This approach ensures that training is comprehensive, practical, and customized to the unique context of each industry.

In conclusion, AVoptics' pioneering efforts in delivering internationally recognised fibre optic training across various industries set them apart as an invaluable partner. Whether you're involved in aerospace, telecommunications, or any field dependent on fibre optics, AVoptics offers the training your team needs to excel. Their commitment to excellence, safety, and customisation ensures that your personnel are well-equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities presented by the dynamic world of fibre optics.

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