On-Site Services

AVoptics can now support On-site termination and repair at your facility of many fibre optic applications. It may be that you cannot get the fibre requiring termination/repair down to us. If that’s the case then we can come to you and apply the same rigorous processes that we do in our manufacturing facility to ensure that we get your system to its required completion as quickly as possible. We have already performed off-site work in Europe and North America. 

AVoptics goes the extra mile by offering comprehensive on-site services tailored to fibre optic assemblies' maintenance, cleaning, and repair needs. Their skilled technicians are equipped to perform intricate tasks on-site, ensuring minimal disruption to critical communication systems. Whether it's routine maintenance, precision cleaning, or prompt repairs, AVoptics' on-site services are a valuable resource for businesses and organisations seeking to maintain the optimal performance of their fibre optic infrastructure.

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