AVliteCure™ is a fully portable curing system that is designed to allow high quality terminations to be performed in difficult to reach areas in minimal time*.

Scepter™ Polishing Machine

Scepter™ is PC controlled for consistent and Telcordia compliant mass polishing of optical connectors and bare fibre.

SpecPro™ Polishing Machine

SpecPro™ is designed to yield single mode performance for R&D and medical applications, low volume cable assembly production and field environments.

Proton™ Polishing Machine

Proton™ consistently achieves Telcordia compliant, single mode UPC and APC finishes in a handheld and battery-operated package.

NOVA™ Polishing Machine

This system supports a variety of polishing applications from connectors to waveguides, and bare fibers to custom components.

Polishing Pads

Polishing pads are crucial for controlling connector end face geometries such as apex offset, radius of curvature and fibre protrusion / undercut.

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