AVoptics Celebrates Participation in DIANA Programme, Developing further FSO Technologies

AVoptics Celebrates Participation in DIANA Programme, Developing further FSO Technologies

AVoptics, a leading innovator in optical communications technology, is thrilled to announce its active participation in the prestigious DIANA programme. In the course of the DIANA initiative, AVoptics is set to advance its cutting-edge Free Space Optics technology, leveraging the company's distinctive expertise and knowledge to craft highly secure optical communications solutions.

The DIANA framework presents AVoptics with an exceptional opportunity to collaborate with end users, procurement experts, and industrial partners. This collaboration aims to showcase AVoptics' state-of-the-art technology in authentic environments, fostering innovation and addressing the evolving needs of commercial and defence industries.

"We are excited about the prospects that the DIANA programme brings to AVoptics. This initiative aligns perfectly with our commitment to pushing the boundaries of optical communications technology," said Andrew Lee, Managing Director, at AVoptics. “By participating in DIANA, we look forward to engaging with key stakeholders and showcasing our advancements in the next six months.”

AVoptics anticipates that its involvement in the DIANA programme will not only accelerate the development of its Free Space Optics technology but also strengthen its position as a leader in the field of optical communications.

The company is eager to share updates on its progress and developments within the next six months, underscoring its dedication to innovation and excellence in the realm of optical communications technology.

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Marcus Simonescu


+44 (0) 1935 471 606 (Ext. 1)


About AVoptics:

AVoptics is a pioneering force in photonics technology, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation. With a focus on harsh environment fibre optics and Free Space Optics technology, AVoptics combines unique skills and knowledge to develop highly secure solutions for optical communications. The company's commitment to excellence and collaboration positions it as a leader in advancing the capabilities of optical communication systems..” Andrew Lee, Managing Director, AVoptics Limited

Released On 30th Nov 2023

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