Clearly Connected – Your broken fibre connection restored

Clearly Connected – Your broken fibre connection restored

AVoptics launches the AVliteSplice™ quick repair splice solution for fibre-optic systems in harsh environments

The simple-to-install nature of the AVliteSplice™ in-line mechanical splice provides significant savings in repair time. It does this by eliminating the need to remove and replace the damaged fibre-optic cable or harness from an aircraft or vehicle, enabling it to be repaired on the platform. Its lightweight design and the small number of constituent parts used in each splice means that reassembly is quick and easy. Reinstating the full mechanical integrity and high optical performance of the original installation can be completed in-situ in under 20 minutes.

AVliteSplice™ can also be used as a micro-connector and supports both multi-mode and single-mode applications. This unique time and cost-saving solution is designed to meet the increasingly urgent demands facing the global transport industry.

Click here for AVliteSplice™ product guide.

Click Here for Splice Test Report AV-0394 Rev 1

Released On 17th Mar 2021

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