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Product Overview

Now available with both battery and mains (110-230V A.C) powered options it increases its availability to perform terminations wherever they are required and if external power is available no need to worry about charging the battery.

This system has been designed to ensure that standard two-part epoxies as used in the fibre optic industry (EPO-TEK 353ND for example) are cured using a profile that is optimised to achieve a high Tg (glass transition temperature) bond but in minimal time. The system is particularly suited to markets where high quality terminations are required to be performed in difficult areas. Its small size and lightweight nature along with a universal C-Mount fixing plate allow it to be used in any orientation. Working with Airbus to ensure that the design was suitable for use on the aircraft Final Assembly Line Avoptics are proud to be a supplier into the Airbus award winning on-board termination kit.

The following AVliteRepair™ models are available:

LT200-AB: This is the model that was developed Specifically for Airbus where the designers wanted only a limited number of cable / connector profiles to be able to be used so as to minimise the opportunity for dialling in the wrong connector combination. A battery powered product designed specifically to cure Elio®, A801 (LuxCis®), and RSC connectors.

LT500: The LT500 baseline system has the same profiles as the LT200-AB the LT500 series of cure systems have the with the added benefit of being either battery or mains (110 – 230 V a.c.) powered.

LT510: Has all the features of the LT500 but also allows the user to programme their own cure profiles** to ensure that your specific connector/cable configurations are able to be cured.

LT520: All the features of the LT510 with the added feature of being able to save the data of each cure. This can be particularly important and sometimes mandated for Quality Assurance purposes on any special process. This feature allows you to record and maintain records of oven used and calibration status, operator, cure profile selected, cure profile achieved, date/time.

  • Major features across the range
  • Battery option
  • Significant reduction in curing process time
  • Adoption and commendation by Airbus
  • Deskilled & fail-safe operation
  • Pre-programmed cure profiles available
  • User programmable cure profiles available
  • Cure data logging on micro-SD card available
  • Supplied in custom rugged case as standard
  • Suitable for all termini types (ref data sheet)
  • The LT series starts from as little as £1800 (GBP)

* – Typically, high integrity standard cure profiles are around 30 – 90mins, whereas the AVliteCure™ typically achieves full cure in 5-10mins.

** AVoptics can develop a cure schedule specifically for a customer or alternatively can download to the device any recommended cure profiles that are in their library.

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