FK/OFI/1002 Optical Fibre Identifier & 1.25 mm Adaptor

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Product Overview

Fibreknight Optical Fibre Identifier (OFI) package comprising of:

FK/OFI/1001 OFI with 1 Watt Bi-Pin Philips LED lamp for high illumination of the optical fibre under test and on/off pushbutton for ease of use.

FK/ADAPT/12    1.25 mm termini (LC, MU, ARINC801, LuxCis)

The OFI can be used across a wide range of applications, including:

  • Training tool to demonstrate the transmittance of light through an optical fibre
  • Identification of an optical link within a fibre optic cable bundle
  • Identification of an optical link in a fibre optic bundle that has been damaged and cables broken
  • Testing the basic integrity of an optical link

OFI capability areas:

  • FTTH
  • On-aircraft installations
  • Onboard ship installations
  • Vehicle installations
  • Training establishments
  • Universities & colleges
  • Data centres

Typical link lengths

50/125 – 62.5/125 µm
Up to 250 metres

9/125 µm
Up to 100 metres

Larger core fibres
Up to 250 metres

The OFI LED produces a steady white light beam reducing some of the issues of high energy transmitted light, such as that from a visual fault locator where pulsed laser light is transmitted through the fibre. However, it is not recommended that users never directly view any light source being transmitted directly from any device.

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